Apr. 17th, 2017


Apr. 17th, 2017 02:13 am
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"Hmm, this looks like enough cornstarch. Yeah, and I'll finish off this jug of milk. One scoop of sugar in here, and one in the eggs."

>cook in double boiler
>temper eggs

"Yeah, that looks like the right consistency."

>take off heat
>add chocolate
>taste repeatedly
>add more chocolate, add more sugar, add vanilla
>pour into cooling bowl

#not a recipe
#cooking for myself means +/- 10% of pretty okay is still just fine
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"The Queen's English is drifting down the social hierarchy, scientists in Australia say.

"After trawling through archives of Her Majesty's annual Christmas messages since 1952, they conclude that the royal accent is becoming less "posh".

"The experts, based at Sydney's Macquarie University, believe the vowel sounds of Queen Elizabeth II have been influenced by subjects who are younger or of lower social standing.

"As a result, they say, the Queen's accent is moving towards the standard accent of southern England, away from the cut-glass "upper-crust" accent of the 1950s.Read more... )
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Tin of Assam."Special Rare Assam Leaf Tea Hajua Estate tea from Taylors of Harrogate" is from a grocery store in Oregon, because I shop for tea when I am on vacation.

It is most likely a Second Flush Assam. Bag in Tin, which is inconvenient only because I did not start by emptying the bag into the tin.

Gone cold, there's a bit of astringency. I know it is brown. This is a terrible assessment. *chagrin face*

I've been drinking this for a few weeks now and it *has* been relatively lovely. Markedly better than TJs Irish within the "Assam and buddies" category.


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