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Today I made pastry cream, coffee, coffee-rum tiramisu, tiramisu with citron liqueur. Pastry cream, plain with no vanilla, is surprisingly not good with blackberries.

If you cook this, let me know in the comments.

1 qt whole milk
11 egg yolks and whatever whites stick to them, but not all the whites. About 300g egg yolks/egg.
270g sugar
70g cornstarch

1 pack ladyfingers
2 tubs mascarpone from Trader Joe's

Vanilla extract, a couple teaspoons
Coffee to make 2c brewed. I used medium roast.
Rum, probably 1/4 c? I free poured into the coffee until it tasted nice.
Nardini Grappa Aqua Di Cedro, poured directly onto the ladyfingers from the bottle until the cookies are moist


Pastry Cream

Mix cornstarch with some milk, make a paste and stir into the rest of the milk. Add half the sugar to the milk. Cook in double boiler until thick/no starch taste. Heatproof bowl: mix eggs with rest of sugar. Temper eggs, blend back into milk, stir until thick trace. Temp 165F or higher. Strain and cool, stirring frequently.

Tiramisu assembly

Mix one cup of pastry cream per tub of cheese. Add vanilla to taste. Mix brewed coffee with rum.

Glass pyrex loaf pan, 3 layers: 5-6 cookies over bottom; they may be slanted to fit, break one to fit the corners. Pour enough coffee to soak. Smear cheese-cream over to cover. Do that again, then the top layer doesn't need to slant. Cocoa powder over the top, then plastic wrap and into the fridge to set up and become tasty.

Citron the same, but with the extra cookies (6) and cream mixture, and only two layers, and it's in a round small pyrex.

There's a bunch of pastry cream leftover. This quart milk --> pastry cream really would be enough to do up 4 tubs of cheese and 2-3 packs of cookies in possibly a 9x13; my loaf pan is basically half, by volume, of an 8x8 if I recall correctly.

I have 1.3-1.5 cups of egg white leftover. This should be enough to make an angelfood cake, or play with oatmeal lace cookies.
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